Xiaomi Viomi Dish Disinfectant

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Both Disinfection and Drying
UV sterilization, sterilization rate 99.999%
75 ℃ hot air circulation drying, keep tableware dry and clean
Efficient UV sterilization, damaged by light waves, causing cells to die or not reproduce

UV Disinfection
With strong ultraviolet radiation, it can kill bacteria that are likely to remain in the tableware

55L large capacity, meet the needs of 3-6 families
Can Easily store daily tableware for 3-6 families

Removable dish rack, easy to handle and clean - Easy to take and easy to put on
High-quality thick stainless steel bowl, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, strong bearing capacity

No Drain
Put directly after washing without rubbing. Built-in water collection box
Tips: Clean the water collection box regularly for 1-2 days

Place Unlimited Space - No need to install
495 x 410 x 362mm compact body, stove, dining table, sink and other places everywhere

Sealed Protective Cover Design
The new sliding cover design prevents dust and bacteria from falling on the tableware

  • The control knob is simplified, just turn the knob to start
  • Water collection box - easy to pour out as soon as you pump out
  • Vent - Ventilate and keep dry
  • 150° wide angle - It is more convenient to take tableware

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