Xiaomi 23.8" Desktop Monitor 1C

Sale price₱6,990.00


wide-angle panel

Narrow bezel on three sides
immersive design

Super-slim body

High definition

Low blue light
Eye comfort

178 wide vision

Panoramic view at a glance

The 23.8'' IPS wide-angle display offers a vision field of as wide as 178 degrees, with vivid and realistic view at every angle. Whether at work or in your daily life, the clear and colorful vision is the same as what you see with your eyes.

Immersive design with narrow bezel on three sides

Boundless and limitless

The immersive display comes with an ingenuous narrow bezel design on three sides, getting rid of the borders. Whether used alone or in conjunction with other displays, it allows you to indulge in a boundless vision.

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